Seren Unable to Connect to Trakt

Have you ever been into trakt not working issues with seren addon like Seren unable to connect to Trakt. Then you might have installed this kodi addon with in a wrong direction. So, in order to resolve any issues of this specific addon then you have to unsync and then resync it by using the below mentioned step by step installation method.

How to Setup Trakt in Seren Kodi Add-on

If your seren wont connect to trakt then you need to follow the below simple steps that can reconnect your addon with the trakt, then you can resolve any issue of seren unknown errors and unable to contact Trakt errors.

  1. First of all you need to go back to the “Seren Home Screen” and there you have to chose “Tools”
  2. Now tap on “Trakt Sync Tools”
  3. Click on “Yes” option
  4. Now visit “https //” and there you have to type in the code/pin which is appeared on your screen.
  5. Finally select “OK” when the seren has successfully been paired with the trakt.
  • Every restart clears the trakt authorization, you can try updating Seren again (click on versions). Watch the toast notification for errors.

Now you can enjoy all the seren kodi addon features through your trakt application. So why late enjoy your favorite shows.

If you’re still not resolved seren unable to contact trakt 2021 then you may need to clear your cache. For that reset your modem / router / device and just wait all you can do .

Or you can follow this procedure

  • First of all “go into seren”
  • Then click on “tools” option
  • And then “clear all cache”
  • And from there go into “trakt sync tools”
  • After that you have to “clear all metadata”
  • And then chose to “force a sync”
  • Then “restart your kodi”

After you’ve done with the above procedure you might seen the good result in resolving the issues called seren unknown error connecting to trakt follow the steps above and then try once again with the first method called how to set up trakt in seren kodi addon.

Is Https Trakt TV Activate Safe To Use? (Be In A Safe Zone)

As we all know the https trakt tv activate account is Not Safe To Use if you don’t know why! then read this article and know the more details to be in a safe zone. Actually, we are giving the full access to to use our device information such as what we have searched, watched and many other aspects which we have used on our device.

So, as per the privacy policy we have to give our consent to use this Trakt service on our device and then we can get more friends and we can join more communities such as VIP and also have the more chance to get the more friend requests with many advantages.

Why Https Trakt Tv Activate Is Unsafe To Use?

As we said in the above lines https trakt tv activate is literally unsafe to use why because it is the free addon to use trakt tv features on our devices with some restrictions to get the VIP Features. But why is unsafe to use means as per the trakt privacy policy they have some rules and regulations to collect our personnel information.

The trakt will share your information with the all trakt users which your account associated with the other trakt users if you don’t want to share your information then you have to make your account to the “Private Profile Mode”.

They will share your information with the “Service Providers”, Business Partners” and they will compliance with the Laws And Law Enforcement”, “International And Business Transfers”. That’s why we have to beware while using this trakt account.

How To Use In A Safe Zone?

Is it really possible to use this account in a safe zone among this much of rules and regulations? Of course we can escape partly from their privacy policy rules and regulations. Like by making our “Profile To Private Mode”

Also we can escape from this privacy policy by using the “VPN” service on our devices cause this virtual private network will hide your device IP address and we can change our IP address as per our current location. But it is illegal to use but we don’t have any other source to be in a safe zone.


Actually, we can not escape from the rules and regulations of https trakt tv activate community privacy policy. But we can escape some how by using the above mentioned methods. Even though they will track your information and they will share your private information as per their rules.

But the above two safe methods are best ways to get relief from the unauthorized users to not track your personnel information. Hope you understand this article. If you’re getting useful information from this article then just share this article to all users. Leave a comment if you have any queries about this trakt service and usage.

How to Activate Trakt tv on Firestick

Hello! are you a big fan of firestick and would you like to know how to activate trakt tv on firestick then do not worry you have come to the perfect blog and you’re going to be sync trakt and firestick with the below mentioned simple steps. Let’s get started. For other devices if you want to check the steps of how to create and how to activate trakt tv then feel free to click on the link. Let us proceed to our main topic now.

How Do I Activate My Trakt TV Using Amazon Firestick

  1. Open your “Cinema HD” app on your amazon firestick.
  2. Then navigate to the uppermost left part of the screen after that tap on the “hamburger button”
  3. Now after scroll down to the “Settings” option
  4. Then chose “Account”
  5. Now visit and click on the “Login to Trakt tv”
  6. Now you will be given a “ code” with 8 digits for instance “EB941C51”
  7. Now you have to click the “home button” on your amazon firestick remote
  8. Then you should scroll to the Recently Used Apps and then tap on the “Authorize Trakt TV”
  9. Here you should “Sign in” to your “trakt account”
  10. Now you need to use enter code” which you copied as per our 6th step.
  11. You can type given “code: EB941C51″ is just an example. Then click Next.
  12. Chose option “Yes”
  13. After the above step the success verification shall appear on your screen. So that means you can close your app now.

How to Install Trakt on Firestick

  1. Click on the “Home” on your remote and then scroll to right side. Then chose “Setting (Gear Wheel Icon)”
  2. Scroll down and then to the right, after few scrolls you will get My Fire TV” option so click on it.
  3. After that you need to choose the “Developer Options”.
  4. Now you should turn on ADB debugging” and also “Apps from Unknown Sources”
  5. Now a pop up shall appear there you have to select “Turn on” option
  6. You need to go back to the home and there you have to click on “Find” option.
  7. After the above step you should click on “Search” option.
  8. You have two options here either to say Downloader to the Alexa voice-enabled remote” or else “start typing it”. But if you choose to type it, you can use the suggestions when it appears on screen.
  9. After this click on the “Downloader” option now.
  10. Then you have to chose “Download” and then click on “Open”
  11. After that you need to select “Allow” option
  12. Now open “Downloader” on your favorite Firestick and after that you need to click on “Search Engine”

This is the procedure and perfect answer for how do you activate trakt tv on firestick. We hope this has given the best answer for your query. Free Account (How To Create)

Would you like to use the free account ? do not worry we are going to introduce some tricks and tips to follow so that you can do it for free of cost for a particular period of time. Let’s dive into our main article and most people are requesting for i.e., is trakt account free. Of course it is free to sign up and activate yourself with simple steps.

Everyone can get the free code for the trial version only but after some limitations you need to take a VIP membership to track what you’ve watched with some extra features such as your favorite shows, news or anything else have it keep the place of where we left off and all those other things through your devices such as kodi, plex, netflix, media portal and all the other ones.

You may also like to read about netflix Free Activation Code

Do you know you can create trakt tv activate free and enter code to watch your favorite shows and anything else through your favorite device which is synced to We have simple steps to get this best offer without any cost. So let’s check out the below steps to sync free trial and then scrobble from your media center.

  • If you wonder how can i watch trakt tv for free, you must take an account of it. So the first step is to visit “” website
  • There you have to click on “Join Trakt For Free” button.
  • Now what you would want to do is put in your “Email Address”, “Username”, “Password”, “Confirm Password” and then just put a “Tick Mark” in i agree to the terms of use and privacy policy.
  • After that you have to click on “Join Trakt” button.

You will be invited to the next page on your screen. In that page you need to fill the details for the below aspects.

  • Display Name, Location, Gender and your Date of birth
  • After that click on “Next Step” for three times
  • That’s all now you can have “trakt tv activate free login” details and authorize it to use your favorite device like kodi. That way it will track everything all our history everything that we watch, check things off and all that.
  • Now you have to click on “Next step” for two times and then finally click on “Continue to Dashboard” button.
  • That’s it we’ve created an account.

Click on the following link if you would like to get trakt tv activate free code

If you would like to go with the VIP then you may get a doubt that how much does trakt tv cost? the answer for this is the Trakt offers a variety of features, with a free option for Standard features, and a paid option for VIP features, at $2.50 per month.

How To (Sync) Enable Trakt Tv On Amazon Alexa

In recent days many peoples are attracted and using the voice search command devices such as Amazon alexa and others. So they need to track their favorite stuff for keep updating their favorite content such as movies, tv shows and all other informative content. To be first in getting the updated content you must have to sync or enable the trakt tv addon on this amazon alexa.

So if you are striving for this featured addon you have to sign in with the official site. From the below lines we are providing the steps to get the amazon alexa skills through the trakttv.

Enable (Sync) Trakt Tv On Amazon Alexa

So the basic aspect you have to know is how to enable the Trakt Skills on amazon alexa. So let us start.

  • You need to “Open The Alexa” in your device
  • You need to select “Skills” from the “Left Navigation Panel”
  • Now you need to search for the “Trakt TV” > Then select the “Trakt App” by signing into your “Amazon Alexa Account”
  • Then you can “Enable Skill” option here

trakt skill enable

  • Now you have to “Sign in to the Trakt TV account”  and then allow the “Alexa Skill Access”

alexa skill access

  • Now you can close the Browser window because you have “Linked” now
  • Now Go back to the “Alexa App” and then you can ask any thing to Trakt Tv through the Alexa by saying “Alexa, ask trakt tv”

If you are using Trakt TV on Alexa you have to know some commands to start. So before you are going to ask your query you have to say “Alexa, Ask Trakt TV” then you can start asking your query such as

  • What’s on TV today?
  • What’s on Sunday?
  • What’s premiering this week?
  • What’s in theaters this week?
  • Add this show to my favorite list etc…

If you would like to install on media portal then have a look now.


We have been into the service and we are also getting best advantages. If you want to sync your various media centers with the and also you want to know how to get the account then get it now.

Trakt tv Code Expired

Is it possible to Trakt tv Code Expired? yes of course it’s always possible that a code shall not be working for some reasons. So for this we are decided to share some tips for fixing code not working error or Code Expired issue. Of course you might have faced while you are activating the Trakt TV app on any of your streaming devices. So let’s dive into the resolving steps without any further ado.

How to fix Trakt tv Code Expired

  • First of all you have to make sure that you’re using the latest version of your streaming media player. But if you recognize that your device is out of date then the activate code might be malfunctioning. So be aware of it,
  • You should not refresh or close your page because this shall be render the old activation code invalid and it asks a new activation code.
  • So if you see there was already a Trakt tv Code Expired that time you have to generate a new activation code.

This is how you can get a new code when your device is not connected with the code. So before confirming it is not syncing or not working with your device please check the code is expired or not. If it is with any other reasons please follow the above steps and don’t hesitate to ask us anything about Thank you for visiting our blog.

If you would like to activate with any of your device then you can read this article from here.

Set Up Trakt Tv Activate Exodus & How To Use ?

Would you like to track everything on your exodus kodi addon according your watch history then you should need trakt tv activate on exodus. Here we are giving the best method to activate your trakt account through the below exodus trakt fix method.

Trakt Tv Activate On Exodus With Simple Steps

Its very simple to activate trakt on your favorite kodi addon exodus and the procedure have been explained below so, just follow those steps.

  • Launch your “Exodus” on kodi
  • Check and hit on “Tools”
  • Then click on “Settings: Accounts”
  • Now chose “Trakt” and then hit on “Authorization”
  • Here you would get a notification which intimate you to visit “”
  • Then “Login” to your trakt account
  • Then input “8 digit pin”
  • Hit on “Authorize Trakt”

That’s all now your exodus addon have been authorized with the trakt tv activate account. You can now enjoy all of your favorite shows and track everything you would love to watch according to your history and wish list.

Trakt Not Working Exodus 2019 ! How Can We Fix It?

If you’re facing trakt not working for your exodus 2019 version, you have to use the below mentioned method and then you won’t get any issue after trying this exodus trakt fix method.

  • Open “Chrome Browser”
  • Visit trakt official website “”
  • “Login” with your personal trakt “Username” and “Password”
  • From the top left corner select “Settings” option
  • Hit on “API Apps” > here you will find “+ New Application” icon
  • Give a “Name” to it and then “Skip” the description
  • Now in the “Redirect URL” enter (Paste) “urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob.”
  • You must skip “Javascript(cors)” origins
  • Then check the permissions such as “/checkin” and “/scrobble
  • In the beneath of these permission boxes hit on “Save App” option
  • “API Key” and “Secret Key” number will be produced here, so paste them separately.
  • In your running kodi application you need to visit “Kodi/addons/” folder and also launch file in the text editor.

For Windows: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\\resources\lib\modules

For Android: Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/

  • You have to paste your client API and also client secret key in the below mentioned two lines and also save those files.
  • V2API_KEY = ‘Your New API Key Here’ and CLIENT_SECRET = ‘New Secret Key Here’ .
  • Finally, launch your “Kodi” > Exodus > Visit “Trakt Settings” > Hit on “Username” and “reauthenticate trakt again”

Trakt not working exodus 2019 have been solved successfully and you can track every show as per your watch history and also search history.

Exodus No Trakt Or Imdb Account Found (*Solved)

Visits “Exodus Settings” > open “Accounts” tab > Here you need to authorize “ Account”

Otherwise you can simply “Close the kodi” and then “Reopen the kodi”

Best Trakt Tv App For All Devices (Ios, Android, Windows,..etc)

Actually the https trakt tv activate developer community has created many more trakt tv apps for every trakt users. If you don’t know what are they, then from this article you can get to know and install them on your different devices such as iphone, ipad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, all Android Devices and also for your Windows Phone.

We are going to mention the Best app for every device like we mentioned in the above lines. So the below apps will work better for your devices, you can build those apps according to your supporting device.

Best Trakt App For Windows Phone

Actually the trakt tv community has created the below apps for Windows Phone Users. If you’re the one who are wants get the below trakt app for windows phone then get them now according to your interest.

  1. Ornate
  2. TvTime
  3. Trakter
  4. Series Fan
  5. TV Blaze
  6. Movie Blaze
  7. TvTracker
  8. Series Tracker
  9. TV Show Tracker
  10. Movier

Best trakt tv Android Apps 2019

If you use the android devices for your trakt activate account then this addon offers you the below working and best apps you have never seen, so once try those trakt tv android app 2019 and keep enjoying with those trakt tv app android.

  1. SeriesGuide
  2. Series Mate
  3. Movie Mate
  4. Cinetrak
  5. Nachos
  6. Serist
  7. Track My Shows
  8. Cathode
  9. Archos
  10. Series Addict
  11. Hobi
  12. Showly
  13. Teeevo
  14. MrMc
  15. Moviebase
  16. Movie Pal
  17. Media Guide
  18. Immawatch
  19. Traktin
  20. Tv show Tracker

Best Apps For Apple Tv

  1. Infuse
  2. Mrmc
  3. Watchaid Tv

Best Trakt Tv Apps For Apple Watch

  1. Serist

For Better Understanding About Trakt click the below image it will take you the trakt guidlines.

trakt tv code

Best Trakt tv activate Ipad Apps

  1. Infuse
  2. Serist
  3. Movist
  4. Teevee
  5. Ishows Tv
  6. Ishows Movies
  7. Traktify
  8. Watcht
  9. Teeevo
  10. Kyra
  11. Television Time
  12. Cinema Time
  13. Mrmc
  14. Reelgood
  15. WatchAid Tv
  16. Jackal

Here is the best way to Install trakt tv on kodi on any device

Best Trakt Tv Iphone App

There are plenty of apps which are offered by the addon exclusively for the Iphone Users, so once check them from the below list and get Trakt tv iphone app from the below mentioned trakt tv apps.

  1. Infuse
  2. Serist
  3. Movist
  4. Rippple
  5. Ishows Tv
  6. Ishows Movies
  7. Traktify
  8. Watcht
  9. Teeevo
  10. Kyra
  11. Television Time
  12. Cinema Time
  13. Mrmc
  14. Reelgood
  15. Watchaid tv
  16. jackal
  17. teevee
  18. Seenit
  19. Seenit movies
  20. Watchapp
  21. hobi
  22. Tvshow Tracker

How To Sync Trakt On Placenta

Most of the placenta users are trying to sync their device with the trakt but they unable to add trakt with the placenta, if you are one of them then try the below steps, you will feel better than before.

How Can We Add Trakt With The Placenta ?

Just follow the below steps to sync trakt with the placenta.

  • Make Sure open “Placenta” in your favorite kodi
  • Chose “Tools”
  • Click on “Settings: Account”
  • From the right hand box, you can see “Trakt”
  • So, click on “Authorization” which is below the “Trakt”
  • Now you have to visit trakt official website “”
  • Then “Login” to your trakt account
  • Here you need to enter the “Code”
  • Finally hit on “Continue”
  • Now a pop up “Do you want to authorize trakt for your addon” will arise then hit on “Yes”
  • After the above step, you would see your “Trakt Username” in the “Trakt Section”
  • That’s all here you go “Your Trakt” and also your “Addon” have been synced.
  • To see your trakt “Check list” and “My Tv Shows” you need to go addon’s main menu.

For other addons trakt integration, just use the below steps

Chose “Settings”

Click on “Addons”

Find “My Addons” and “Hit On It”

Click on “Video Addons”

You have to chose “Any Addon” from list of addons and then click on “Configure”

That’s all you can configure any addon with the above method if you couldn’t find proper procedure for your specific addon then try another method too.


If you are happy with the above mentioned methods then leave your feedback in the below comment section either it could be drawback of our methods or benifit of our methods just leave them in the comment section.

If you’re not getting the 8 digit code then get the trakt tv enter code now for free without wasting any time.

How to Install & Activate On Kodi

Actually, trakt can allows you to chose the best place to watch your favorite videos and availability of videos at netflix, amazon fire tv stick and trakt on alexa too. So it can track all your history and it suggests you to stream the new videos according to your geners and watch history.

To get all these features you have to install this Trakt tv on your kodi to syncing the content of the multiple devices by using the multiple addons. Here we are providing the simple steps to

How To Install & Activate Trakt On Kodi Krypton 17.6 & Above

We are providing the steps to install the trakt on kodi krypton 17.6 and also all the above versions of the krypton. So follow the below set the activate on your kodi krypton.

  • Launch your “Kodi XBMC Software” > Chose “Addons” > Click on the “Addon Browser”
  • Click on “Install From Repository” >
  • Then hit on “Kodi Addon Repository” > Click on “Program Addons”
  • Find “Trakt” > Click on “Install” > After few seconds you will get “Trakt Enabled Notification”
  • Open the “Context Menu” ( If you are using the touch screen device then long press “C” or keybord then “Right Click on “C”) and hit on “Settings”
  • Now hit on “How Do I Authorize the tarkt addon to access my account?”
  • After that, you would get an “Activation Pin or Code”, so keep it with you
  • Now a pop up ask you go to and enter pin, so open it in a “New Tab”
  • Here you need to “Enter The Pin” and then click on “Continue”
  • “Would you like to allow Trakt for kodi to use your account” Then click on “YES”
  • Now a pop up would appear as “Your Device Has Connected With the” and then it will refresh automatically in a few seconds so wait for it.

This is how we can setup on kodi krypton 17.6 and above versions. Now you can track every interesting show of yours and then you can easily stream those videos without any delay.

How To Setup (Install) Trakt On Kodi Jarvis 16 & Below

If you want to use this on kodi jarvis version you must have to follow the below steps. With those stes your kodi jarvis will be setup with the activate account.

  • Launch “Kodi” > Hit on “System” > Click on “Addons”
  • Now “Install From Repository” > Chose “Kodi Addon Repository” > Click on “Program Addons”
  • Hit on “Trakt” > Click on “Install” > Wait for few seconds to get “Add on Enabled” pop up

This is How we can install the “Trakt tv” on kodi jarvis, after that you need to use the below steps to activate this trakt service on jarvis.

  • Here you need to go to into the “Context Menu” and then “Settings”
  • Click on “How Do I Authorize the tarkt addon to access my account?”
  • Here you would get a “Trakt Activation Pin or Code”
  • Now you have to go into the ““ ” (Open In a new tab)
  • Now you need to enter the “Pin” and then click on “Continue”
  • “Allow Trakt For Kodi To Use Your Account”, so click on “OK”
  • Now a pop up “Your kodi is connected with the trakt and it will refresh in a few seconds automatically”

With this simple procedure you can setup and activate the Trakt tv on your kodi jarvis irrespective of its version.

Trakt Failed To Install A Dependency

When ever you are getting this failed to install a dependency error then you must have to use the below dependent sources. If you install those dependency sources then you will get rid of this issue.

First of all open the script.module.trakt and it will tell you what files have to be installed, i hope it will suggest you to install the below files. So mentioned them in below lines so download them.

1. script.module.six ver 1.9.0

Find the solution from website source  “”

2. script.module.arrow version 0.6.0

Find the solution from website source  “”

3. script.module.requests version 2.12.4

Find The Solution from website source  “”

The above mentioned dependencies are the frequent reasons to make the trakt failed to install. Then why late install those dependencies and get rid of it. I hope you install the above dependencies on any of your kodi addons then your issue will be solved. Please let us know your experience with this site through the below comment section.