How to Activate Trakt tv on Firestick

Hello! are you a big fan of firestick and would you like to know how to activate trakt tv on firestick then do not worry you have come to the perfect blog and you’re going to be sync trakt and firestick with the below mentioned simple steps. Let’s get started. For other devices if you want to check the steps of how to create and how to activate trakt tv then feel free to click on the link. Let us proceed to our main topic now.

How Do I Activate My Trakt TV Using Amazon Firestick

  1. Open your “Cinema HD” app on your amazon firestick.
  2. Then navigate to the uppermost left part of the screen after that tap on the “hamburger button”
  3. Now after scroll down to the “Settings” option
  4. Then chose “Account”
  5. Now visit and click on the “Login to Trakt tv”
  6. Now you will be given a “ code” with 8 digits for instance “EB941C51”
  7. Now you have to click the “home button” on your amazon firestick remote
  8. Then you should scroll to the Recently Used Apps and then tap on the “Authorize Trakt TV”
  9. Here you should “Sign in” to your “trakt account”
  10. Now you need to use enter code” which you copied as per our 6th step.
  11. You can type given “code: EB941C51″ is just an example. Then click Next.
  12. Chose option “Yes”
  13. After the above step the success verification shall appear on your screen. So that means you can close your app now.

How to Install Trakt on Firestick

  1. Click on the “Home” on your remote and then scroll to right side. Then chose “Setting (Gear Wheel Icon)”
  2. Scroll down and then to the right, after few scrolls you will get My Fire TV” option so click on it.
  3. After that you need to choose the “Developer Options”.
  4. Now you should turn on ADB debugging” and also “Apps from Unknown Sources”
  5. Now a pop up shall appear there you have to select “Turn on” option
  6. You need to go back to the home¬†and there you have to click on “Find” option.
  7. After the above step you should¬†click on “Search” option.
  8. You have two options here either to say Downloader to the Alexa voice-enabled remote” or else “start typing it”. But if you choose to type it, you can use the suggestions when it appears on screen.
  9. After this click on the “Downloader” option now.
  10. Then you have to chose “Download” and then click on “Open”
  11. After that you need to select “Allow” option
  12. Now open “Downloader” on your favorite Firestick and after that you need to click on “Search Engine”

This is the procedure and perfect answer for how do you activate trakt tv on firestick. We hope this has given the best answer for your query.


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