How To Download Videos (Best Method)

Are you interested in some of your videos! Would you like to download them to watch offline at your free time! is it possible to download them! Yes of course it is possible with some proper guidance, then don’t worry we’re going to show you how to download videos without any interruptions! So why late without any further ado let’s get started our today’s episode.

Actually if you would like to download any kind of videos/audios from then the WhaleDown web video downloader is one of the best choice for those of you and me! of course it is powerful, simple and reliable too. This could be intercept with all of the network requests and of course it detects the links of videos/audios being played as well.

However the whaledown simplifies total workflow of downloading web videos/audios. You can simply visit a web page and play video/audio embedded, and WhaleDown will do the rest of your work.

How To Download Videos From Within 3 Steps

Now we can step into the main procedure on how to download videos within 3 simple steps. Just keep an eye on it.

  1. In first step you need to download our whaledown and install it in your device.

=> So at the very first step, you have to download and install the latest whaledown version. Of course here the user interface is being identical on both the windows and macOS (Intel & Apple Silicon) except the top of title bar.

=> Now at the left sidebar there are three buttons which can switch between browser , downloader and settings options. The rest important component detector could be opened through the top-right button of browser.

=> Of course beside of the global settings, browser, detector and download options have their individual perferences views. You can also visit the preferences button at the top-right of each component to open it.

2. In the second step you have to visit and play video embedded.

=> Now let’s begin with the browser. From this you have to visit official website and there you have to find out the video to save. For whaledown capable to download YouTube for free, Here I will take downloading YouTube videos for an instance here.

=> So once the videos are being played, the detector shall be opened directly (for about few seconds later). All the detected videos/audios will be listed as a queue. But the only thing to do is playing more and more videos/audios.

3. Finally Select the Quality and Download it

=> Here let’s select the top one in the detector to import. Whenever there are multiple qualities available, the WhaleDown will be asked to choose one before downloading.

=>On clicking the download option, the video will be moved to downloader section.

=> Wait for a while or drink a cup of coffee ☕️ 🙂 until the downloading has been completed. Now, it is time to enjoy the High Quality offlined videos! (Or your selected quality mode).


That being said guys, i hope you all have a great day and as always happy wathcing your trakt videos offline. That being said guys, if you have any cool ideas, thoughts, comments or any concerns regarding the then make sure to leave your comments in the below comment section and we would feel happy to read them andn reply them too.

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