https// Create Trakt tv Account & Activate

In this huge world we have lots of sources to stream different movies or any other shows, but we don’t know how to know those shows timings and at where they are going to be playing. So to track those movies and tv shows you need to use the To use this service in any media center such as Kodi, Plex, Netflix, MediaPortal, Emby, Stremio, Serviio, Alexa and VLC. We just need to create account and connect with any media player using the trakt tv activate link from website.

If you activate trakt tv you can automatically scrobble all the tv shows and all the movies whatever you are watching to It keeps all your watch history in a track such as movies or any other videos after that it will be the part of global community Movie enthusiasts and also the TV.

What Is Trakt Account Authorization ?

The Trakt TV always keep tracking your watch history such as tv shows, movies and any other stuff which you have visited. It can enable the scrobbling to integrate with your PC Home theater or with your media center and then everything will be automatic. When we want to check it from phone we can enable that option too. It can even show you where to watch.

How to Authorize (Authenticate) Trakt & To My Media Center

If you have the media center plugins, then it can allow to sync with the account without need to enter the username and password. With this plugin you can sign in through the social networks accounts. Now we are giving the easy steps to connect the app with the media center.

Here you no need to do something different just go the official website and then create your account. You can check the procedure from the below steps.

1). Open This Link “”

2). Now you need to enter  Email, Username, Password, Confirm Password, Tick Mark” in “Terms and Conditions”

Trakt tv Create Account

3). Finally, click on “Join Trakt”

4). Open Trakt In your “Media center” once you open There is “8 digits code” will be shown like below image

Note: if you can’t find the code you should follow this “Plugin Settings” > Search for the “Authentication Section” > Here some “Instructions” and “8 Digit Code” will be displayed.

trakt tv code

5). Now again open the “Browser” and enter ”” (In phone, tab, computer or any other device which you are using now)

6). Enter the https // pin i.e, “8 Digits Code”  and Click On “Continue”

trakt tv activate

7). then  you will get “Allow access to for media center To use Your account” notification. Then Click On “Yes”

Trakt tv access

8). Come back to the “Media Center” and here you can observe that “ account has been Connected”

Whenever you want to connect more devices with the you can connect but read the below warning before you connect.

Warning: You can connect as many possible devices as you can, but each device should have the unique code and each media center which you want to connect should use the above steps to connect.

You can follow the more media centers (Netflix, Plex, Kodi, VLC, Media Portal,….etc) tutorials from the above provided links.

trakt media

How to Sign Up & Activate Trakt Tv On Firestick Or Firetv

Its very simple to activate trakt tv on your amazon firesitck, first of all you need to sign up with the trakt on firetv or firestick and then we can track shows on firestick too. The procedure has been given below.

  • On your “Firestick” open “Trakt”
  • Chose “Sign up” option > Select “Register” or “Link Account”
  • On “Amazon firestick home screen” you have instructions just follow them
  • After that, visit the “” and then enter “8 Digit Code”
  • Now hit on “Register With An Email” or “Register With Facebook” and then fill out the “Required Information” there.
  • After few seconds you will get “Activation Code”
  • Enter that “Activation Code” in required fields of your firestick screen.
  • Finally, you have been logged in to your trakt tv on fire stick and you can have the history of movies and also tv shows.

Is Safe To Use?

Actually, the is not safe  why because it is tracking all your data what you are searching in your device. So you have to be in a safe mode other wise you might be fall in risk. So you have to make sure your profile is in a private mode. To make your https profile in private just follow the below steps.

  • In the top right corner of the hover over your “Username”
  • Then hit on “Settings” > “Private Check Box” will appear at the top of settings page, so “Check” it and click on “Save”

That’s it your profile is treating as private profile. If you want to hide your IP address then you must have to use the Virtual Private Network (VPN) and we suggest you to use IP Vanish. With this server you can hide your IP address and you can change your IP address eventually as per your current location.

Does Trakt Work With Netflix ?

Actually, the netflix have been closed its public API, so mostly it’s not possible, but still we have a method to sync your trakt with the netflix.

How Can We Add Trakt With The Placenta ?

Are you using placenta on your favorite kodi ? and are you searching for the steps to authenticate with the trakt then here you go.

  • Make Sure open “Placenta” in your favorite kodi
  • Chose “Tools”
  • Click on “Settings: Account”
  • From the right hand box, you can see “Trakt”
  • So, click on “Authorization” which is below the “Trakt”
  • Now you have to visit trakt official website “”
  • Then “Login” to your trakt account
  • Here you need to enter the “Code”
  • Finally hit on “Continue”
  • Now a pop up “Do you want to authorize trakt for your addon” will arise then hit on “Yes”
  • After the above step, you would see your “Trakt Username” in the “Trakt Section”
  • That’s all here you go “Your Trakt” and also your “Addon” have been synced.
  • To see your trakt “Check list” and “My Tv Shows” you need to go addon’s main menu.

Why Trakt TV Not Working And  keeps buffering

To get rid of any types of trakt tv not working issues especially buffering issues you have to use the below techniques.

  • Make sure that your “Operating System Have Been Updated With New Version”
  • If you’re using an outdated version of trakt tv then delete trakt permanently and re-download it from google play store or amazon app store
  • You have to clear unwanted memory
  • If you still facing the buffering issue then “Restart Your Device” and “Re open trakt tv”

That’s all you can enjoy all features of trakt with the updated version and do not worry about the size of the updated version it has reasonable size to fit for your devices.

How Do I Connect Trakt To Exodus ?

Are you a exodus user and would you like to track your favorite shows then you should have the trakt tv activate account otherwise you can have from Exodus trakt fix link. That will give you much benefits while recomend in your favorite shows and everything.

Trakt Failed To Install A Dependency

If you have the below dependency sources, you won’t be getting this trakt failed to install a dependency error. So why late get those sources now.

First of all, you need to open “script.module.trakt” and then you will get to know what type of files you have to install, mostly every trakt users have to install the below sources, so get them now.

1. script.module.six ver 1.9.0

Find the solution from website source  “”

2. script.module.arrow version 0.6.0

Find the solution from website source  “”

3. script.module.requests version 2.12.4

Find The Solution from website source  “”

You must install the above dependencies sources and then get rid of this trakt failed to install a dependency error.

How To Get Trakt TV VIP Account

Once you get the trakt tv account you can get rid of all the interruptions and you can get so many advantages. We will be discussing the benefits of this trakt tv vip account after we get to know the procedure how to get this VIP account.

  1. First you need to go to “”
  2. Click on “Sign Up For VIP” (You can read here the subscription details)
  3. Hit on “Subscribe” (Using a debit card or credit card) ( Suggestion: Use Paypal)
  4. Now you will get a “Form To Fill It Out”
  5. So enter all the details such as “Country, Card Number, address,..etc”
  6. Finally click on “Create Account And Pay Now”

That’s it you can get the trakt tv vip account all features now but to continue this vip membership you must have to support the trakt tv activator.

The Best Alternatives Of TV Show Tracking Apps For trakt activate

If your device isn’t supporting this trakt activate code or you would like to try any other best tracking apps like this trakt tv, then we are going to provide some of the best alternatives of tv show tracking apps.

  1. Nextguide (It is applicable for ipad, iphone, web)
  2. Yidio (It is applicable for ipad, iphone, web)
  3. Peel (It is applicable for Android Phones and also Tablets)
  4. Fan (It is applicable for iOS, web)
  5. TV Guide (It is applicable for iOS, Android, web)

The above are the Top 5 and most recommended tv shows tracking apps, so you can install any of those apps and you might feel happy with those apps also like the trakt tv. Because it has changed lots of aspects in it you can check the latest trakt review now.

How to fix Trakt tv Code Expired

  • First of all you have to make sure that you’re using the latest version of your streaming media player.
  • But if you recognize that your device is out of date then the activate code might be malfunctioning. So be aware of it.
  • You should not refresh or close your page because this shall be render the old activation code invalid and it asks a new activation code.
  • So if you see there was already a Trakt tv Code Expired that time you have to generate a new activation code.


This blog has been written to provide each and every information about the activate and also how to enter the trakt code, you no need to go for any website because it contains all the information about the trakt.

If you still want to ask your queries please check our latest FAQ’s of Trakt Article and then ask us we will solve them as soon as possible and you can give us your feedback too by using the below comment section.