How To (Sync) Enable Trakt Tv On Amazon Alexa

In recent days many peoples are attracted and using the voice search command devices such as Amazon alexa and others. So they need to track their favorite stuff for keep updating their favorite content such as movies, tv shows and all other informative content. To be first in getting the updated content you must have to sync or enable the trakt tv addon on this amazon alexa.

So if you are striving for this featured addon you have to sign in with the official site. From the below lines we are providing the steps to get the amazon alexa skills through the trakttv.

Enable (Sync) Trakt Tv On Amazon Alexa

So the basic aspect you have to know is how to enable the Trakt Skills on amazon alexa. So let us start.

  • You need to “Open The Alexa” in your device
  • You need to select “Skills” from the “Left Navigation Panel”
  • Now you need to search for the “Trakt TV” > Then select the “Trakt App” by signing into your “Amazon Alexa Account”
  • Then you can “Enable Skill” option here

trakt skill enable

  • Now you have to “Sign in to the Trakt TV account”  and then allow the “Alexa Skill Access”

alexa skill access

  • Now you can close the Browser window because you have “Linked” now
  • Now Go back to the “Alexa App” and then you can ask any thing to Trakt Tv through the Alexa by saying “Alexa, ask trakt tv”

If you are using Trakt TV on Alexa you have to know some commands to start. So before you are going to ask your query you have to say “Alexa, Ask Trakt TV” then you can start asking your query such as

  • What’s on TV today?
  • What’s on Sunday?
  • What’s premiering this week?
  • What’s in theaters this week?
  • Add this show to my favorite list etc…

If you would like to install on media portal then have a look now.


We have been into the service and we are also getting best advantages. If you want to sync your various media centers with the and also you want to know how to get the account then get it now.

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