How Do Find Hidden Shows On Trakt

Hello guys! Would you like to find out the answer for How do find hidden shows on trakt then don’t worry it’s simple! But mostly you’ve hidden the shows in your trakt tv just because sometimes you would not like to continue watching a show or you would not like it to show up on your calendar, and in any other cases if you hide a show on you can find it in an easiest way.  If you don’t know where or how to find the shows once hidden on trakt. Then the steps are provided in the below lines and of course we’ve mentioned an image for quick undertsand.

How do find hidden shows on trakt

  • Complementing the suggestion for readonly, you can create a list of only hidden shows.
  • Whenever you’re hiding a show on trakt, you can put it on a list of your selection.
  • Then whenever you hide a show it won’t be appeared in your series but it will always be visible in the list you created.
  • In any case, you should not forget and always remember to add the hidden show to the list before hiding.
  • Here i am going to mention the quick way I found to see my hidden shows without having to go there all the time in the filters. So check the steps and image as well.
  • The steps are If you are referring to trakt you have to go to settings, there you must find Hidden Items.

Trakt Hidden Shows

That being said guys, i hope you find this article helpful on trakt hidden shows if you have any further doubts don’t forget to mention them in the below comment section and we will definitely try to answer them as soon as possible. These are the simple steps on how to find your hidden shows on trakt tv.

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