Connect Real Debrid Trakt TV Activate

Hello everyone today we’re going to be talking about how to connect real debrid and trakt tv. If you are curious on this topic and eagerly waiting for it then make sure to checkout this article. In this blog post we will be sharing you the best procedure which has worked for us in a better way and working still fine. So without any further ado let’s get started.

As we said in the above paragraph we’re going to authorize our real debrid trakt tv activate account on venom. So let’s get check out the below step by step authentication steps which are highly suggested to sync real debrid with trakt account. You may also want to know that do you have to pay for a trakt account?

How To Connect Real Debrid and Trakt

  • So we’re going to want to go into “Settings”
  • From the settings you will get “MY ADD-ONS” option so click on it.
  • There after you will go into your “VIDEO ADD-ONS”.
  • So right now, we’re going to go and we’re going to connect venom because remember this build only uses venom and seren and they both run using real debrid.
  • So we’re going to go in to venom…..we’re going to configure it and we’re going down to our account.

connect Real debrid trakt

trakt account1

  • Now i’m going to go over to our “real debrid” and then we’re going to hit “Authorize” and i’m going to be jumping back and forth. Also check out is trakt tv safe.

Real Debrid Authorize

  • So visit the “HTTPS://REAL-DEBRID.COM/DEVICE” when prompted you need to enter this real-debrid activation code “YY2PP22LQ” whatever it shows on your device. And we’re going to hit “continue” after entering what is real debrid code? there.

Real debrid and trakt

  • It automatically jumps to your Trakt account from that part. And we’re going to go over to authorize on trakt so click on “Authorization” also check out is trakt tv legal.

real debrid trakt authorization

  • So as we show in the image visit “” and when it prompted you need to enter the code displayed on the screen and the here https // code is “01E3591A”. That’s all guys now you can see your name will appear on trakt and inside of your debrid account. If you’re also would like to check out our other article such as https // firestick.


That’s all guys! I hope you’ve got an idea on how to add your trakt to real debrid account. With the above procedure you can sync both trakt and real debrid just by using the real-debrid authorization codes. If you’re curious to know about what is trakt tv activate. That’s all guys this is how you can activate your trakt and real debrid by using the venom addon. This is the connection of what is real debrid and trakt authorization. In any case you may also want to know the reasons for why is trakt not working.

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