Free Account (How To Create)

Would you like to use the free account ? do not worry we are going to introduce some tricks and tips to follow so that you can do it for free of cost for a particular period of time. Let’s dive into our main article and most people are requesting for i.e., is trakt account free. Of course it is free to sign up and activate yourself with simple steps.

Everyone can get the free code for the trial version only but after some limitations you need to take a VIP membership to track what you’ve watched with some extra features such as your favorite shows, news or anything else have it keep the place of where we left off and all those other things through your devices such as kodi, plex, netflix, media portal and all the other ones.

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Do you know you can create trakt tv activate free and enter code to watch your favorite shows and anything else through your favorite device which is synced to We have simple steps to get this best offer without any cost. So let’s check out the below steps to sync free trial and then scrobble from your media center.

  • If you wonder how can i watch trakt tv for free, you must take an account of it. So the first step is to visit “” website
  • There you have to click on “Join Trakt For Free” button.
  • Now what you would want to do is put in your “Email Address”, “Username”, “Password”, “Confirm Password” and then just put a “Tick Mark” in i agree to the terms of use and privacy policy.
  • After that you have to click on “Join Trakt” button.

You will be invited to the next page on your screen. In that page you need to fill the details for the below aspects.

  • Display Name, Location, Gender and your Date of birth
  • After that click on “Next Step” for three times
  • That’s all now you can have “trakt tv activate free login” details and authorize it to use your favorite device like kodi. That way it will track everything all our history everything that we watch, check things off and all that.
  • Now you have to click on “Next step” for two times and then finally click on “Continue to Dashboard” button.
  • That’s it we’ve created an account.

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If you would like to go with the VIP then you may get a doubt that how much does trakt tv cost? the answer for this is the Trakt offers a variety of features, with a free option for Standard features, and a paid option for VIP features, at $2.50 per month.

Wrap Up

That being said guys! If you have any cool thoughts, questions, comments or concerns regarding the trakt free account then feel free to share them with us down beneath in the comments section and i always love to read those comments guys and our followers as well. Thanks for spending your time on this article, i hope you all have a great day and as always happy pairing my friends.

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