How To Sync Trakt On Placenta

Most of the placenta users are trying to sync their device with the trakt but they unable to add trakt with the placenta, if you are one of them then try the below steps, you will feel better than before.

How Can We Add Trakt With The Placenta ?

Just follow the below steps to sync trakt with the placenta.

  • Make Sure open “Placenta” in your favorite kodi
  • Chose “Tools”
  • Click on “Settings: Account”
  • From the right hand box, you can see “Trakt”
  • So, click on “Authorization” which is below the “Trakt”
  • Now you have to visit trakt official website “”
  • Then “Login” to your trakt account
  • Here you need to enter the “Code”
  • Finally hit on “Continue”
  • Now a pop up “Do you want to authorize trakt for your addon” will arise then hit on “Yes”
  • After the above step, you would see your “Trakt Username” in the “Trakt Section”
  • That’s all here you go “Your Trakt” and also your “Addon” have been synced.
  • To see your trakt “Check list” and “My Tv Shows” you need to go addon’s main menu.

For other addons trakt integration, just use the below steps

Chose “Settings”

Click on “Addons”

Find “My Addons” and “Hit On It”

Click on “Video Addons”

You have to chose “Any Addon” from list of addons and then click on “Configure”

That’s all you can configure any addon with the above method if you couldn’t find proper procedure for your specific addon then try another method too.


If you are happy with the above mentioned methods then leave your feedback in the below comment section either it could be drawback of our methods or benifit of our methods just leave them in the comment section.

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