Delete Account Permanently

Actually, most of the trakt tv users doesn’t want to delete their Trakt account, once they activate trakt tv on any of their media centers such as Kodi, Amazon Alexa, Hulu,..etc. But if you want to delete your account permanently from your media center then you can get the easy to follow steps to Uninstall the Trakt.

In now a days some trakt supporters are getting the trakt tv issues while they are trying to login for trakt manager. So for those users we are giving the steps to delete their account on any of their media centers. So follow the below steps.

How To Delete (Uninstall) Account Permanently

Here is simple steps to delete or uninstall the account on your media center. But trakt tv users has different issues from trakt tv like some one wants to keep their Trakt Account Privately, some one wants to Delete Trakt History and some one wants to Delete Their Trakt Account Permanently. So we are providing these three methods, so just chose from them whatever you want.

Method 1: Delete Trakt tv Account Permanently

If you want to delete your trakt tv activate account permanently then the below steps will help you.

  1. First Of All “Sign In” to your “Https Trakt Tv Activate Account”
  2. Then Go to the “Settings Page” > Here you have “Disable Account” option
  3. If you “Hit” on that option your “Trakt Account” will be “Deleted” permanently

But if you was connected to the different media centers then your account history will be remained with those connected media centers, we can not delete our account in those devices, for that you need to ask your query at [email protected]

Method 2: How To Set Trakt Account Profile To Private

If you want to use your Trakt Manager Login Details in future then you have to set your trakt account profile privately. The steps will access your account to be in a private mode.

  1. As usual “Log In” to your “Trakt Tv Account”
  2. Then click on the “Profile” option

Make Your Account Private

3. Here you can change all your profile settings and make your “ProfileĀ From Public To Private” finally click on “Save Changes”
This is the procedure how we can make our profile from public to private and also we can change all our settings such as “Time Zone” and also make our privacy’s such as history, Library, Ratings, Charts, Progress, Network, Comments, Watch List, Lists, Badges to “Public”, “Friends” or “Private”

Method 3: How To Delete Trakt History On Any Media Center

Sometimes you don’t want to keep your trakt history on your media center, at that time you want to delete trakt history permanently. So if you try to delete your trakt history by marking one by one then it will take more than a week, isn’t it?…LOL

So at that time you have two options to delete bunch of your trakt history the options are dropped below.

  1. You have to use the “Tick Mark” to “Select All” and then all the selected items will be “Deleted” if you couldn’t get the tick mark then use this “TOOL”
  2. You can use the “Win Phone App” to delete your trakt tv history. In this app you have to add the shows as your “Favourite” after that you have to remove your history from that “Favorite” folder on your media center, then it will be removed automatically.

Method 4: How To Remove app Collections

Simply click on “Collected Book Icon” then you will get a confirmation pop up “Would you like to remove item from your collected” then hit on “Yes”.


The above mentioned methods are very easy to follow and you can use those methods separately whatever you need like you have to use the first method to delete your trakt account permanently or you can use the third method to delete trakt history on any media center and use the best apps on android, windows and also ios.

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