Install Trakt Tv On Plex (How To Add Trakt To Plex)

Basically to Scrobble & sync the from your Plex you have to install the plugins then only your plex will be working with all the trakt features. So if you already have the account you can directly go to the process to enable the plugin access to use this trakt tv on plex.

So, let us start with the account creation and then we will be going to the next procedure. So let’s get started the today’s tutorial. You need to keep some requirements with you before you’re going to start the below procedure the requirements are 1) Plex media server which has installed on your compatible appbox slot 2) Appbox+ stream other wise an appbox + dedislot from the Bytesized Hosting.

How To Install And Use The Trakt On Plex

To Scrobble & sync from your Plex you need to install the plex plugins, so from the below lines we are going to show you how to create account and how to sync your plex with this your account. So lets get started.

  • First of all you need to have the account by visiting the “”
  • If you visit their site you would get “Join Trakt” option so click on it

Join Trakt

  • Here you need to enter the information such as “Email, Username, password,..etc”

Create Account

  • Then accept their “Terms And Conditions”
  • Finally you need to “Confirm Your Mail”

This is how you can become the member or user and now you need to follow the below stepsĀ how to install plex plugins So lets get started.

  • Now you have to “Enable The Plug-in Access” for your plex media server

Enable Plug-in Access

  • From here go to the “Slot’s Dashboard” then here you would get “Green Triangle Screen” which lies next to the “Plex Section” and finally click on the “Enable Plugin Access”
  • Now you need to download the latest “InstallĀ Trakt plex plugin from zip

Trakt Plex Scrobler Plugins

  • Now this “Zip file will be downloaded” to your PC
  • Then “Copy The Folder” where this zip file has moved
  • Now the “Plugin” will ready to be installed
  • After this you need to “Restart Your Plex Media Server”

Plex Restart

That’s it this is the how one can install the “Trakt Plex Scrobller Plug-in” after that we need to do the trakt plex configuration from the below steps we are going to “Configure this installed Trakt Plex Scrobller Plug-in”

  • Now go to your “Plex Web Interface” and then search for your “Server which has mentioned in the left side column” then click on the “Channels”


  • Here you will get all installed channels, so select the “Trakt”
  • Select the “Settings or Gear” icon from the “Upper Left Side” of the page
  • Finally, fill the boxes with “Username” and “Password” and give a “Tick Mark” in the “Scrobble” box

Enter Details

This is how we can configure the Trakt plex scrobbler plugin and how we can use this trakt account in this plex media center.

If the above method doesn’t work then delete your trakt account history or collection and follow the method from the beginning.


This is how everyone can install the Trakt on their plex, so use the above method to start your installation procedure and then your plex media center can be keep tracking with your If you don’t know how to get code

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