How To Sync Trakt On Placenta

Most of the placenta users are trying to sync their device with the trakt but they unable to add trakt with the placenta, if you are one of them then try the below steps, you will feel better than before.

How Can We Add Trakt With The Placenta ?

Just follow the below steps to sync trakt with the placenta.

  • Make Sure open “Placenta” in your favorite kodi
  • Chose “Tools”
  • Click on “Settings: Account”
  • From the right hand box, you can see “Trakt”
  • So, click on “Authorization” which is below the “Trakt”
  • Now you have to visit trakt official website “”
  • Then “Login” to your trakt account
  • Here you need to enter the “Code”
  • Finally hit on “Continue”
  • Now a pop up “Do you want to authorize trakt for your addon” will arise then hit on “Yes”
  • After the above step, you would see your “Trakt Username” in the “Trakt Section”
  • That’s all here you go “Your Trakt” and also your “Addon” have been synced.
  • To see your trakt “Check list” and “My Tv Shows” you need to go addon’s main menu.

For other addons trakt integration, just use the below steps

Chose “Settings”

Click on “Addons”

Find “My Addons” and “Hit On It”

Click on “Video Addons”

You have to chose “Any Addon” from list of addons and then click on “Configure”

That’s all you can configure any addon with the above method if you couldn’t find proper procedure for your specific addon then try another method too.


If you are happy with the above mentioned methods then leave your feedback in the below comment section either it could be drawback of our methods or benifit of our methods just leave them in the comment section.

If you’re not getting the 8 digit code then get the trakt tv enter code now for free without wasting any time.

How To Activate Trakt On Media Portal

As a user we can get all the suggestions which will guide us to get the timings and location where our favourite movie going to play. So to get these latest features on your media portal you need to activate this Trakt addon’s services like how we are going to say you from the below lines.

From this tutorial you can get how to install the on your favourite Media Portal. So just follow the steps and also know the latest features which we get after installing this on our media portal. So let’s get started.

How Trakt tv Can Activate On Any Media Portal

The below steps will give you the best guidance to activate this on your media portal. Just follow them as we mentioned.

Note: From the GUI and the Media Portal Configuration we can configure this Trakt.

Step 1: First of all you need to “Download And Install” the “Trakt” On your “Media Portal”

Step 2: Then “Click” on “Trakt Addon” from your Media Portal “Home Screen or Plugins”

Step 3: After That you need to click on “Settings┬╗Account Settings”

Step 4: Now you need to have Trakt Account to “Authorize” Other wise Create Trakt Account now.

Step 5: Go back to the “Settings Menu” and then “Enable The Plugins” whatever you want to “Scrobble And Sync” which lies in the “Plugins” options

That’s it from now you can start using all the Trakt features and watch your favorite videos.

Best Features Of Trakt On Media Portal

If you activate this Trakt on any of your Media Portal you will get the below features.

  • It can “Synchronise” whatever your watched flags where ever you have used multiple Media Portal’s
  • It has the “Personnel Calendar”
  • It also has “Personnal TV show’s Calender” and also allow you to know “What Is Trending”
  • It also recommends “Personnal TV Show/Movie”,..etc
  • If you install the Trailer Plugin you can get “Play Trailers” on any of your “Movie/Show/Episode”

You will get many features if you once activate this Trakt on any of your media portal but the procedure is same.

Through the comment box, Let us know how you have benifited with this tutorial. We collected most of the queries from our followers and provided answers so check that FAQ’s Post now then you will get answers to your queries.

Best Trakt Tv App For All Devices (Ios, Android, Windows,..etc)

Actually the https trakt tv activate developer community has created many more trakt tv apps for every trakt users. If you don’t know what are they, then from this article you can get to know and install them on your different devices such as iphone, ipad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, all Android Devices and also for your Windows Phone.

We are going to mention the Best app for every device like we mentioned in the above lines. So the below apps will work better for your devices, you can build those apps according to your supporting device.

Best Trakt App For Windows Phone

Actually the trakt tv community has created the below apps for Windows Phone Users. If you’re the one who are wants get the below trakt app for windows phone then get them now according to your interest.

  1. Ornate
  2. TvTime
  3. Trakter
  4. Series Fan
  5. TV Blaze
  6. Movie Blaze
  7. TvTracker
  8. Series Tracker
  9. TV Show Tracker
  10. Movier

Best trakt tv Android Apps 2019

If you use the android devices for your trakt activate account then this addon offers you the below working and best apps you have never seen, so once try those trakt tv android app 2019 and keep enjoying with those trakt tv app android.

  1. SeriesGuide
  2. Series Mate
  3. Movie Mate
  4. Cinetrak
  5. Nachos
  6. Serist
  7. Track My Shows
  8. Cathode
  9. Archos
  10. Series Addict
  11. Hobi
  12. Showly
  13. Teeevo
  14. MrMc
  15. Moviebase
  16. Movie Pal
  17. Media Guide
  18. Immawatch
  19. Traktin
  20. Tv show Tracker

Best Apps For Apple Tv

  1. Infuse
  2. Mrmc
  3. Watchaid Tv

Best Trakt Tv Apps For Apple Watch

  1. Serist

For Better Understanding About Trakt click the below image it will take you the trakt guidlines.

trakt tv code

Best Trakt tv activate Ipad Apps

  1. Infuse
  2. Serist
  3. Movist
  4. Teevee
  5. Ishows Tv
  6. Ishows Movies
  7. Traktify
  8. Watcht
  9. Teeevo
  10. Kyra
  11. Television Time
  12. Cinema Time
  13. Mrmc
  14. Reelgood
  15. WatchAid Tv
  16. Jackal

Here is the best way to Install trakt tv on kodi on any device

Best Trakt Tv Iphone App

There are plenty of apps which are offered by the addon exclusively for the Iphone Users, so once check them from the below list and get Trakt tv iphone app from the below mentioned trakt tv apps.

  1. Infuse
  2. Serist
  3. Movist
  4. Rippple
  5. Ishows Tv
  6. Ishows Movies
  7. Traktify
  8. Watcht
  9. Teeevo
  10. Kyra
  11. Television Time
  12. Cinema Time
  13. Mrmc
  14. Reelgood
  15. Watchaid tv
  16. jackal
  17. teevee
  18. Seenit
  19. Seenit movies
  20. Watchapp
  21. hobi
  22. Tvshow Tracker