Tv Show Missing Season

Are you tired of losing your favorites and the progress of your tv shows every time that you have to do an update on one of your applications in your firestick like cinema hd, or anything else you may be using. Well today i’m going to show you an absolutely fee way to keep your favorite and your progress forever. So let’s get started.

Today i’m going to show you how you can keep your favorites and the progress of your shows absolutely free forever. Now why do we need this? i’m going to explain to you the reason why this is such a great website and such as great thing to do in order to keep progress of everything that’s happening on your viewing experience when it comes to your entertainment. The reason is because applications like cinema, ttv or any other apk out there that you have on your firestick or any other device that you may be using need updates and sometimes these updates can come in corrupted i mean it is software after all right! so when it comes to in corrupted it may require you to clear the data out of that particular application or it may even require you to uninstall the application and re install the new version of it.But without doing all these stuff you can keep all of your favorite ones even it missing. So follow the below steps.

Here’s how to import a TV show:

  • First of all make sure your TV Show that exists on TMDB with english information filled out. The more complete the TMDB entry is, the better it is for Trakt and ll of the other apps that use TMDB as well.
  • Now on the Trakt website, you need to select “Import Tv Show” link which locates in the footer.
  • Finally type in the TMDB ID and after that click the Import button.

But sometimes you may get 404 error, that could be meant a few things such as;

  • It doesn’t have the english translation.
  • The TMDB has so mcuh invalid or blank data.
  • Of course the TV show is a duplicate too (usually indicated in the title).

In some case behind the scenes, here is what we do during a TV show was import.

TMDB as the primary:

  • Here all the main “English” TV info was actually imported from TMDB.
  • Then all of the Aliases, translations, genres, language, and actors are imported from TMDB.
  • Of course the highest rated “English” or “No English” poster, season posters, episode screenshots and fanart are imported from TMDB as well.  1080p (or larger) has been preferred for fanart and we’ll only use 720p if nothing better is available there.
  • All English season and episode info was imported from TMDB.
  • Supporting images are imported from for the show (logo, banner, thumb) and seasons (poster, fanart, thumb, banner).


In which case if you’ve spent months building up a library of favorites or you have spent a lot of time bench watching shows and you don’t remember what season you left off on or what episode you left off on and you clear these applications or uninstall them all that data is completely gone and you will have to start all over again adding new favorites and start trying to figure out where you left off on your shows it can get very frustrating. You want to just kind of sit down in front of your tv and click on the last thing that you were on and pick up where you left off that’s the goal, that’s what everybody wants to do. So i know it’s been frustrating over the years but today i have shown you how you’re going to keep that in absolutely free. with the website called

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